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Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream, the world’s most famous cream liqueur, is an indulgent blend of premium Irish whiskey and rich, velvety Irish cream. Created with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence, Baileys offers a luxurious drinking experience that is both timeless and irresistible.

This iconic liqueur features a smooth and creamy texture, complemented by the warm, inviting flavors of Irish whiskey and the luscious sweetness of cream. Whether sipped neat over ice, mixed into coffee or cocktails, or drizzled over desserts, Baileys adds a touch of sophistication and indulgence to any occasion.

Baileys Irish Cream is made from the finest ingredients, including Irish whiskey, cream, sugar, cocoa, and vanilla, meticulously blended to perfection.

Alcohol Percentage:
Baileys typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of around 17%, striking the perfect balance between richness and smoothness.

Available In:
Baileys is available in various sizes and packaging options, including bottles and miniatures, ensuring that you can enjoy its decadent flavor wherever you go.